Jul 05, 2022

"He who has a why can endure any how." - Friedrich Nietzsche

If you’ve ever tried to make a lifestyle change and failed, there might be a simple explanation.

You didn't uncover your Why.

Knowing your why is the first step you need to have if you want to make your lifestyle change easy. By discovering what your deepest desire is, you can stay inspired and remain positive throughout the process.

Yet many reported having troubles in knowing their Why.

"When do I know I have discovered my Why?"

Glad you asked:-). In this blog post, I am sharing with you what makes a strong Why and a great way to uncover it.


What Makes A Strong Why?

A strong why will guide you in your quest to identify what truly drives you. Asking the right whys will allow each answer to take you closer to your deepest desire and find your purpose.

Here are six criteria that make a strong why:


A Strong Why Is Love-Based (Not Fear-Based)

If you want to get inspired to make a change, focus on a love-based desire. In other words, your why should be inspired by love and never by fear of consequences.


A Strong Why Is Simple To Understand

If you want to discover what drives you and inspires you, keep your answers simple. The simpler and easier to understand, the better. That’s because using complex words or long-winded sentences to explain your “why” will only dilute the message and prevent you from understanding your deepest desire. As Albert Einstein said once: “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” 


A Strong Why Is Unique To You

We often look at what motivates others to find inspiration. Yet, a strong why is not a copy-paste exercise. Your “why” is unique to you because it derives from what’s important to you. So, connect with your inner self when doing this exercise and focus on your thoughts as you answer your whys. You’re the only one who can uncover your core motivation.


A Strong Why Is Your Contribution To Impact And Serve Others

Focusing on how you can add value to others gives you purpose. It allows you to see the bigger picture and inspire you to take action for the greater good.


A Strong Why Sparks An Emotion

Uncovering your purpose and deepest desire using the power of why often leads to a “eureka” moment. You’ll know you’ve discovered your « why » when your answer sparks an emotion. As you go through the process, the reason behind your actions and goals will suddenly become clear as it connects to something you truly desire within. 


A Strong Why Inspires You Into Action Mode

You also know you’ve discovered your why because once you’ve sparked that special emotion, you’ll be eager to take action and implement the necessary steps to get you closer to your goals.


The Five Whys Technique To Uncover Your Deepest Desire

The 5 Whys technique was developed by Sakichi Toyoda, founder of Toyota Industries, in the 1930s. The idea behind this technique is to keep asking “why” when facing a problem until you uncover the root cause. This technique is so effective that Toyota still uses it to this day to solve problems! 

The good news is that you can use the 5 Whys technique for more than problem-solving. In fact, you can use it to understand what truly drives you and build momentum.

That’s because asking the “Why” question several times can help you uncover the genuine reasons behind your desire to achieve a specific goal.

Think about it this way; every time you ask yourself why you’re doing something, you’re peeling an extra layer until reaching your core motivation and your purpose in life.

Let me take a personal example to show you how you can apply the 5 Whys technique to your life and how it can help you.

A while ago, I decided to have a morning routine.

So, I asked myself: “Why do I want a morning routine?”

The answer was this: “I want to wake up every morning and have a morning ritual.”

Why do I want to have a morning ritual when I wake up every morning?

“Because I heard that if you win the morning, you win the day.”

Why do you want to win the day?

“Because winning the day means I am able to show up at my best for the people that matter most to me.”

Why do you want to be at your best for the people around you?

“Because showing up at my best means I am present and able to bring joy and love to them. Ultimately, showing them that they matter.”

Why do you want them to feel that they matter?”

“Because when we feel we matter, we thrive.”

My deepest desire was to help my loved ones thrive by becoming a better version of myself.

In this example, I only needed to ask myself “why” four times before understanding the ultimate desire behind my goal, but it could take more. Using the five whys technique doesn’t mean you have to ask yourself five questions precisely. Just as many as you need to discover what truly drives you.

And the beauty of this approach is that not only will asking “why” help you understand your deepest desire, but it will also help you gain emotional commitment, fueling your drive for consistently working towards your goals and underpinning your success.


Struggling To Find Your Why?

If you’re using the 5 Whys technique and are struggling to answer your whys, don’t worry.

The key to getting the most out of this exercise is to be patient. Answering the 4th and 5th ‘Why’ always takes more time. In our two examples, we didn’t even have to ask five questions. 

So, don’t rush it. See what thoughts and emotions come up for you when you write your answers.

And if you need help or have any questions about how you can leverage the power of why to uncover your deepest desire and keep consistent with your healthy habits, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I thrive on helping others grow both personally and professionally and would love to help you too.